I'm The One (09.07.2012 / 23.11.2012)

The second UK single from Morten's "Out Of My Hands" is the promo only release of "I'm The One". This is a 1-track promo featuring the album version (3:24) of the track

I'm The One UK 1-track promo

The cover artwork features a black and white shot of Morten wearing a white shirt and sunglasses. "morten harket" and the title are printed in blue and white respectively along the bottom of the sleeve. The back of the insert is white with titles in black plus a white and blue Wrasse Records logo. The disc is white with titles in black plus the white and blue Wrasse Records logo. Contact details of an employee at Wrasse Records are printed on both the sleeve and disc, but it doesn't specifically say that it is a promo release. It comes in a vinyl sleeve with a large white sticker with the release date printed in black.

I'm The One   I'm The One disc



I'm The One German download   I'm The One German promo CD - click to enlarge

"I'm The One" was released as a itunes download only in Germany on 23 November. The artwork features a blue-toned black and white angled shot of Morten's head coming out of the water. "morten harket" is printed in large white letters along the bottom with the title in light blue underneath. The download includes the " Single Version"l (3:40) and the "Alternative Version" (3:34) of "I'm The One" plus the video (3:41).

Germany itunes   I'm The One - Single Version / Alternative Version / Video  
UK promo Wrasse Records I'm The One MH2

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